5 simple way of mobile photography v1

Let’s learn how you can improve your skills.

It’s long been said that the best camera is the one you have with you. That’s never

been truer than today thanks to the growing sophistication of the cameras in our mobile phones and to the limitless apps that go with those photos. One scroll through your Instagram feed and you may look twice, wowed by the quality of photos coming from the phone.

so today I am going to teach you some of the basic tips about photography that can help you to upgrade your skills in photography

Rule no.1- Horizon lines

Always enable your info. options while photography and turn the grid option on

and place the main area on grid lines or intersection areas.

Place your hero/main object at the cross section area named as golden section/point or rule of third.

Rule no.2- Contrast values

Try to keep color contrasts in pictures as shown in above picture the sky is in the cool color and the landscape is in warm color

it gives more comfort to eyes to understand the difference.

Rule no.3 -Balance

always check whether your image is complete or not as in above image the first part shows one  side of the cart, wich makes confusion in mind about the balance of girl but in the other part of the image all wheels are visible which is why it is easy to understand the position of the girl.

Rule no.4 -Headroom

A head room should be there in a picture.

most of the people forget to maintain the appropriate head room, it is so important to relate the person

it is so important to relate the person with his emotion this is why we have to maintain the headroom always

but remember to keep side space also it will give you better results.

Rule no.5- Color correction

color correction is a technical term to understand but nowadays there are so many apps available to do CC here are some examples of difference between normal and color corrected photos.Now you can see the difference in picture’s look and feel which gives you better appeal then older one in relation with emotion and environment .

best wishes for photography